When calligraphy meets music

In addition to the concept of calligraphy as a thread of life, there has been for Bahman Panahi the premise of an inexorable link between this art form and music. Within the framework of his doctoral research, and further illuminated by his professional experience as a calligrapher and musician, he has elaborated the idea of the interdisciplinarity of these two arts. Musicalligraphy was born.

It is an innovative journey, in essence an exploration of the confluence of calligraphy and music. It is the maturation of the traditional practice of calligraphy by proposing an entry into contemporary art through an abstract and conceptual approach: traditional calligraphic principles are transcended in the interests of furthering a plasticity which informs the meaning of the work. A work of Musicalligraphy contains an element of musicality as much in the language expressed as in the artistic expression which results.

Bahman Panahi teaches this concept to a community of Iranian artists. These students form an artistic movement called Musicalligraphy. They present calligraphic pieces where words, texts and poetry are amplified by the use of various media and techniques.

Musicalligraphy thus infuses the calligraphic tradition into modernity. It is one of the keys which allows calligraphy to take its place in contemporary art and remain a living art.